After writing your engineering resume, your next step is the cover letter, specially tailored for your engineering career. This sample was written by me and published Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs (published by Jist Works and written by Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark, two well-known gurus of the career services industry).

It’s general enough so that you can adpat it as an engineering-resume cover letter for almost any situation (this particular client was both technologist and CEO. My early years were in electrical engineering and I specialize in this type of client.

KEY POINT and a word to the wise: Be sure to “personalize” the intro of a letter like this. If the opportunity is a “long shot,” don’t spend too much time on the cover letter. But always personalize the intro. Most people sendcanned, generic letters that are trashed (along with the resume)..

For additional information on these engineering cover letters, be sure to click below for the COVER LETTER BLUEPRINT – I’ll show you how to optimze the letter for an engineering career like yours (see link below).

Meanwhile, here is the full sample of an engineering resume cover letter:













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