Since 2008, I’ve repackaged about 1200 executives – including some very high-profile business leaders you’ve probably seen on TV or in the Wall Street Journal. As the “poster child for job-changers,” he understands firsthand the dreams – and worst nightmares – of his clients in transition.

A big part of what I do involves publiciity, personal  marketing,  resumes, CVs, Bios – you name it – for executives and professionals. I’ve won several national awards for excellence in resume writing and  samples of my work appear in many resume books.

I’m also the author of an upcoming book, Career Defense –Your Down and Dirty Survival Guide for the Coming Jobs War.

In 1969 – after HS, Vietnam Era – I joined the Army. After Army service I earned B.E. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering, joined Motorola – designed video scramblers for satellite-TV – and eventually transitioned into sales and sales management.

In 1991 I graduated from Columbia’s Journalism School and launched my copywriting career in trade publications and marketing communications. In 2006 I added Executive CVs to my marketing-copywriting business, and gradually morphed into a fulltime executive career coach.

I’ve enjoyed each of my 5 careers and don’t regret a single choice. But I do regret having wasted so much time while making each transition. I figured out everything by myself – trial and error – but my clients need not do that. They tell me where they want to go, and I find the surest shortcuts to get them there!


Email: info@CareerDefense.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/donaldburnsnyc